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I am iron teeth!
You don't know what i want with your country!
Who will stop me when i come to power?
Where will you take off to when i conquer?
How many sacrificed? doesn't matter!
What fate has hell dealt you this century?
Are you ready to fall into nothing?
In the early 20th century after jesus' death
On russian soil a baby was born
And thus given life's breath
Now this young human's life was no
Ordinary average soul
A legend states that the baby's birth marks
A significant role
For this little one came equipped with his
Own set of iron teeth
A priest christened the child that was
An oracle from beneath
The priest observed that the iron toothed
Child was a miracle
"this is no miracle," replied the
Baby to the man of god
"the miracle is yet to come!" and
Instantly the baby died
The miracle which is coming is
The dawn of the anti-christ
(jesus christ is the) anti-christ!
(jesus christ is the) anti-christ!
May i have a list of the damned?
Smelling progress in decay

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