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Werd (s.o.s)

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What i fool i am
Everything free our minds
I can't believe i've been replaced

Nah syke, aint replacing us
We done ripped that repped that edinburgh
See this is what happens when the best occurs
And new cunts come up trying to test the buzz
See new emcees, what are you doing with it?
Honestly, i think youre away with it
Dont understand what you claim when youre saying it
Your tunes aint a game, im aint playing it (nah)
Who the fuck, going to test their luck
Against crews this tough?
Get put on the deck like a cruise or the dj cuts
Shut up, you aint built like us
You aint built up a scene through years of gigs
Years of this, without no peers i give
An insight into life of a fearless kid
Who believes well achieve when they hearing this
(ha) i dont think they know
(no) they watched us grow
(grow) they thought we were done
(ha) we just begun

What i fool i am
Everything free our minds
I can't believe i've been replaced

Listen (listen)
Im irreplaceable when your the riddlah anything is takeable
Im breaking you in two and proving everything that we've been doing
Pushing music, you just stand there looking stupid
Too busy thinking who's the coolest, nah
You cant use excuses, nah
Because you cant replace us, were in the foundations with aspirations
Go ask your parents, no one supports you, no one's caring
So face reality, there doesnt have to be a casualty
Im not leaving and nobodies going to tax my place
So im back in the place, im a rapper with magical taste
Feel quiet good when im rapping away
And i dont really care what you happen to say

(madhat mcgore)
Cunt, madhat mcgore (know what i mean madhat)
S.o.s. (s.o.s) stonez the riddlah (stonez the riddlah)

So im what you want to be, dont talk to me
When you get on a mic its a mockery
You want honestly, i walk away
Get on a stage and i rock it mate (haha)
Irreplaceable, making my money, dont wait on no lottery
Writing it quality, giving you quantity,
Do what i do and im keeping the oddity
Probably talking allot of monotony
Walk and i wobble and possibly haunting you
On top, rocking it, wanting it quality
Pop in a thought, i jot to the lot of you
Big up werd, repping it constantly (auld reekie)
Were doing it properly, repping it hard and were doing it consciously
Ignoring the shite and the comedy, blazing the broccoli
Get into botany, sit with the prodigy telling a prophesy
Slaver it sloppily, talk of an odyssey, keeping it wu-tang,
Rocking the wallabies (cunt)

What i fool i am
Everything free our minds
I can't believe i've been replaced

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