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Knuckle Sandwich

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I know i said i'd call you up tomorrow. that didn't mean to sit home by the phone. you gotta give the girl credit she's fucking hardcore, she's banging on my door. i turn the lights out and pretend like i'm not home. it's not you, it's me. so don't you change a thing, i'm sad to say that your dad was right. we'd never amount to anything. maybe your best bet is another guy. first it starts out just like in the movies, then the romance slowly turns to the implied. i remember days wishing that i had someone, someone to call my own. but when my wish came true i wished i was alone. that's why i said... but then our song came on the radio, maybe it's a sign telling me you won't be back this time. i guess it's wrong to break up in a song, i can't stand to see you cry. i'll be long gone when you read this line.

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