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P.j. Pacifico

pochette album Jackbone
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Date de parution : 14/07/2009

Durée : 0:04:29

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Since touching down at dia
I didn't want to go after four, short days
Forest drive kept me alive
And four days quickly turned into five
I didn't fly home with the other guys

I'm on my extended vacay
I ain't got jackbone goin' on at home
So i think i'll stay

I checked on later flights if that's okay
Just my guitar, you and me and extra days
The comfort factor is blowin' me away
Thanks to the snow back home at jfk

I made right out of plans gone
As i tipped my hat and thanked nature's mom
The sun this morning burned away the storm
My bag is unpacked and my coffee is warm
I'll get back home on of these days
But for now i'll veg and just not shave
It feels so good to stay away
What's on tap for lunch?
On the sixth day of my...

I shrug my shoulders and move along
Making right after first thinking wrong
I dropped the wine at just the right time
I got bills on my desk at home
But i can pay them anytime
I'm not afraid of a late fee fine
On my....

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