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(verse 1)
Young smart niggas with dumb figures
Now we type the codes to the places that shun niggas
I've been on the road, got me feelin' like i coach
Tryna phil jackson the game, they treat you like jerry sloan
But i been stocktons, droppin' dimes that can't leave him alone
That shit can get messy when i fifa my flow, let's kick it
At my new place, come acquire this true taste
I remind 'em of hussein, i rack up like pool games
Inked the new deal, they said i was overfunded
But i make my own shit so i never go over budget
Went and copped the estate, they said i had overdone it
It's that fire marshall bill flow, lemme show you somethin'
I'm live in a livin' color like a wayans brother
Feelin' like i'm home in my away colors, keep hittin' the same jumper
Y'all better put that 2-3 on him before i go 2-3 on 'em
Nigga i just keep zonin'
I'm zoned out, used to be from zone 4
Now the niggas that i grew with, i don't know no more
Them thoughts closer than kobe when i'm on that floor
Do the math, i keep killin' these four times fours
Tryna bring some women through that the crew would love
Shit they really ain't new but they new to us
I don't spend a lot of time lookin' for who to trust
L.a. bitches just want fun, don't care who you've fucked
Hi to them girls around the city maserati wippin'
Daily doses of all my britneys just to calm my spirit
I promised i would never talk, nor would i spread your business
Love to them girls who live in danger, that drive and do they make-up
Always been the humble type, but i can't take light
To niggas double my age givin' brash advice
When they ain't done half that i have
Since the madness began, been sellin' more than a catamaran
Then they compare me, these people try to compare me
To niggas producin' tapes, they ain't even close to a grammy
I'm sorry, do understand me, get off my yard like i'm stanley
I'm gettin' higher than smokey, big worm niggas can't catch
Mama missin' my old early innocent ways
Cause i'm smokin' now, got them hoes around, but we paid
Workin' harder than ever, shit'll never be the same
This is a promise i made, that's a promise i'll never break
Makin' time as it comes to tell my girl that i love her
Mature, but with emotions i couldn't be any younger
Apologies if i fed you my bullshit every supper
I still feel like we got it, it might've just been the timin'
Either way, you could never say i was off my game
Five thousand dollar dates, courtside with the lakes
Watch you carry that new celine, that shit look just like a snake
Went everywhere with the team, the average meal was a steak
And i'm stuck in that awkward moment when teammates turn to opponents
It's royalties over loyalty, wish that i woulda known it
I'm caught up in my progression, ain't thinkin' 'bout no emotion
I thought that it was a blessin', ain't think that they would oppose it
It's ok now, i'm takin' my own path
I head to the bay now, i'm hearin' my own laughs
Ride with my own team of niggas who would mob, unconditional
This is part two of that jay-z interview

Whether right or wrong
I had to write this song
This my thoughts

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