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The Stereo

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Date de parution : 13/09/2005

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : Alternative

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You didn't need nobody
You didn't want no one
You made a bad decision
Now you're down and you got no one
Where do you go when you're gone?
Is something wrong with me?
Cause when i leave you seem kinda happy
What did i do? what did i say?
Cause something's wrong and you don't want to tell me
It's so easy, follow me
So i can't
Find the words to describe
Exactly how i feel
If i could just let go
I would tell you how i feel
Don't be sad
It's too bad
Say it ain't so
You're becoming a real drag
Let it go
Cause it's not about you alone
You want a new beginning
Say you're a modern girl
You made up all your feelings
You're down and out in a modern world
I've made some big mistakes
So go ahead laugh at me
I've made some big mistakes
But i'll try again, honestly

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