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Tower Of Power

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Date de parution : 30/06/1975

Durée : 0:06:21

Style : R&B/Soul

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Our love together has been so good
It's been much better than i thought it would
But lately i get the feelin
That somethin aint right
Girl, don't keep no secrets from me
Bring them to the light
Together we have something very special
That most other people don't
And we are not to abuse it
Girl, i just wont
And we should treat our love
With the highest of respect
Can't you see this is something
We ought not to neglect
Just when we start makin it
Don't be no fool
(don't be no fool)
Don't let no other man
Make you blow your cool
(just when we start makin it)
Forever you'll be my woman
And i, i got to be your man
And we should build our love on a solid rock
And not on sinking sand
We are so very lucky
That the stars shine on our love
And now and then don't you get the feelin
You got a little help from up above
And when you're faced with temptation
Try, try your best not to yield
Cuz the grass is not always greener
On the other side of the field

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