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Shudder To Think

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Date de parution : 19/05/2008

Durée : 0:02:33

Style : Rock

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Tears make paper dolls of our coast
They carve continents
(get up and moan)
Got right wing documents
The lights change
And cars go
The lines change but girls don't

Won't you stay up boy
And chew your head
You'll wake up better
In the arms of a sex killer

Tears make paper dolls of our coats
They carve pockets in our eyes
(get up and vote)
Y-front rockets
In the skies
But girls don't
The lines change but girls don't

Come on
Come on
Do what you
Just who are you
And so what
I'll school you
In fuel
It can't matter what you do
My bro
Tears strewn paper straws in your coke

The skin itches burn they do
With such gall
The writings are dull
This way
You did
The medic's a dumb erratic sadir
I got too much sun

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