Paroles de Knives from bavaria

Dean & Britta

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Date de parution : 27/07/2010

Durée : 0:04:28

Style : Alternative

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I dreamed you were riding a train to astoria
I dreamed that you swallowed a pill called euphoria
Lips are for lying, your eyes are to kill
Spoons come from denmark, the knives from bavaria

A plateful of promise, a spoonful of fun
A thimble of drowsy, a face full of charm
Send me a rainbow, send me the word
The spoons come from denmark, the knives from bavaria

Lalalalaa lala lalalala
Lala-lalalaa lala lalalala

Lalalalaa lala lalalala
Lala-lalalalaa lala lalalala

Comb me and brush me, divide me in two
Drink me and drown me, i like you i do
I'm orange, i'm orange; i'm orange, i'm blue
I love him, i love him; i love him i do


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