Paroles de Lady grey

Werle & Stankowski

pochette album Lady grey
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Date de parution : 23/02/2007

Durée : 0:03:24

Style : Alternative

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I know who you are
I think i've seen you before my friend
Already shook your hand

Don't push me too hard
I'm not prepared for a talk my dear
Prefer to disappear

No! don't be upset
I just can't take it now
Keep your lady grey
I feel your pain
But i just can't help you now

Sorry for the tea

I'm too fuckin drunk
For all your emotional emergencies
Suicidal tendencies

Look, i ain't no monk
This is too much for my spinning head
May i puke in your bed

I would also have storys to tell
I'm a desperate human as well
Don't be angry but i'm outta here
Cause tonight i'm just finde drinking beer

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