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Project Deadman

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Date de parution : 13/07/2004

Durée : 0:02:37

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Just relax and let it go
Let your heart beat fade away to the sounds of my syllables
Incredible how immeasurable death is inevitable
Mind body and soul inseparable
Until the valley of the shadow of death
Your last request is a plea for help spoken from your last breath
Judgment came from all those things in the past
We told you life was self inflicted how long you thought it would last?
Huh now the demon's screamin out your name
Walkin parallel the universe is in the rain
It's a shame that it's come to this listen to the snake hiss
Try my friend but you can't run from this
Heaven or hell's flames or purgatory
You're at the crossroads now what's your story
Never mind man that's none of my business
That shit's between you and death with life as your witness

So what becomes of what becomes us
Witness the dark shadows walk amongst us while the darkness still corrupts us
Pain and anguish and despair
The flames of hell will flicker in the eyes of the demons as they takes you there
Torches light the way through the tunnels
The ground crunches with bones as blood drips in puddles
It's kind of subtle how death embalms you
And cardiac arrest will calm you as the cemetery calls to you
Back on earth your body's laid up on this metal table
Your spirit watches from above time to end the fable
Embalming fluid is your life's blood
A box made from wood you would cry if you could
But you can't now stiff with rigor mortise aint no comin back now
Time stopped to put you back down
Another journey through the darkness of the shadows
Another body on the pile prepare for battle

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