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Verse 1:
Your muthafuckin ass attractive - shit for factors - the
Real nigga that seats with you - there underdeveloped -
For the drill and the pain - and the rain - and the
Bitches - comes shit out of luck - passing in to the
Muthafucking base - so banging - nuts hanging - creativity
Higher than a muthufucka this year - which 1996 - throw
Your fits - you none musical making bastards at 13 - ill
Blast on you muthafuckas - im holy - step up wrong and
You dont know me - trying a positive connection - could
Get you expectorant- - and that could be the reason why
Hdj only wants to fall off - but never fall on - and
Thats for your lord - i can imagine me killing you boy.

Chorus :
95- 96- 97-

Second verse:
Deflate- or inflate in the rubix cube the mood getting

(made when regardless devon was 14-15-16)

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