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Secret Sphere

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(the sphere:)
Candlelight shades
Dance upon her glance,
Stands in loneliness,
Her mind to hope...forever,
An angel without wings that's her destiny,
She feels the emptyness killing her soul

(pre chorus:)
(the sphere:) rain, blood, storm and thunders,
Run aurienne through the night,
...storm and thunders, until

(the sphere:) i'll take your hands tonight,
You'll live over the ages and fly
Through the gates of wisdom,
Your eyes will see the power,
The strenght of a world where
Emotions and feelings are life

(aurienne:) i see a sphere, shining bright,
It invades me, it fills my eyes

(the sphere:) these words tear
A silence made of steel,
Darkin' times were slowly rapin' her smile,
Appears a tear, slowly falling,
Bringing away the pain,
Uh, the first tear of joy,
After the last one of sadness

(the sphere:) run aurienne through the night, until


(aurienne:) shadows surround my life,
I'll tear them,
With the force of mind,
I have no...fear,
Never think you'd die without light,
You're much stronger

(aurienne:) wings of power now raise me
I'm overfliyng the time

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