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Clark Kent Phone Booth

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Date de parution : 12/05/2012

Durée : 0:04:09

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I guess i feel confused
But everytime i look at you
You stare right to my ice
Now youre imprisoning my heart
Hold -
Ive tried to sleep all night
Ive tried to learn to fly
Ive tried to cry apart
Engrave your tears on my dark
So baby close your eyes
I would be your warmest sun
When these clouds could fill these skies
Even if you left
Even if you cried
Ill be sitting on a field-end waiting
For our shooting star
Even if you dreamt
Even if you steered your course to all my memories
Id tell you that id never let you go
I wake up in the night
And i think about my life
Arts reflected in your sweet blue heights
But now my hands are looking for your shape, your strength,
Your flame
I wanna hold you til ill die
Id never let you go
No, nothing in the world could ever make me feel this way
I might be the luckiest man in town

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