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I am the king now and i rule the land
Cruel is my anger fire blood and steel
Once there were houses where now ruins stand
Down in the dirt or my sword you will feel

Down, down on your knees
Down you will bleed

This is my page for the history books
Blood writes in fear of my name
The story of the the crown and the kingdom i took
I spell it in letters of blood

I stand in the blood of all those who betray
Laughter and burn their houses and their breed
I am invincible the witches say
Raging like mad, i'll make this country bleed

Macbeth has turned from a king in fear
For his doubtful crown into a tyrant
His soldiers constantly searching the land
For those who might oppose

But the greatest danger seems to come from macduff
Who is busy in england
Joining forces against the unlawful tyrant
Macduff is not within the reach of his former friend but

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