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Normal Like You

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Crown your glory after all you've won.
This isn't a game tiger sympathy plays no card
Cut directly was my number lost
The story evolves shortly you issue your lies wide shut

Remember not to leave the door un attended
You wouldn't want the world to slip in

You cant ignore this away no locate your misconception
You cant ignore this away no you've wondered past conclusion

The second cut is deepest
It hard to say that it's only words, because they're sequenced with actions
(you gave it away tiger, my sympathy plays no card)
How could you throw that royal flush away? why not call my bluff?
That was the day i quit gambling,
(the story evolves shortly, you issue your lies wide shut)
Be careful not to leave the door unattended
You wouldn't want your friends to slip in

Actions speak louder than the lack of words.
The clarity in unsure. don't put my life on hold, because your perturbed
Your discombobulation is your's. and only yours.
The clarity is unsure, your discombobulation is your's
My gambling days are over. we all know the house wins
Fidelity is ruptured the miscommunication is yours.
My gambling days are over we all know the house wins.

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