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Andrea Gail

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Theres no need to be as wise as solomon
To see that world has mired down
We cant see the end, cant see the end
We are accountable for our actions
The way we choose determines our future

Have you ever thought that its not right
To live your life
Without any sort of aspiration
Were not the ones that you will listen to
But we just wanted to share our experience
Nobody likes to suffer
Then why do we make suffer others
Its not right to make your life go down the drain
Perhaps it would be better to stop and think

It would be better to stop and think
Use your head
Light the torch
A lot of days are ahead and each of them is important
Dont waste your time its going fast
Too many things went wrong
Time is up (x2)
Dont be the one who doesnt care
Indifference is like abyss
It will swallow you
So try to make the right choice

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