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Trail Of Tears

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Date de parution : 31/08/2010

Durée : 0:06:21

Style : Heavy Metal

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Deeply sown and never known
The mirror bleeds the truth
Deeply sown and never known
Your presence is fading

As i fill my glass and watch my own reflection
Then i know that i'll be gone
As i raise my hand, try to comprehend what
I've been missing, i feel distracted

In the mist of my own perception
I bow before myself
The pressure is not withdrawn, i fall again
I catch a glimpse of my downright pretending self

As i take a step and fake my own conception
Then i know that i'll be gone
As i raise my grin, show the world my sin
Of being tempted, i feel distracted

A hopeful ride is hereby ending
Horrid fate, it's time to exit
I feel tampered with, i feel so empty
All i ever saw from my contaminated view
Kept me looking for mercy
Yet illusions stay the same
I realise that it's wrong now that all is lost
And i have withered

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