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Big Deal

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Date de parution : 22/07/2014

Durée : 0:03:46

Style : Pop

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Saturday night never gets better
I'm home alone missing out on you
Hurts like moonlight chasing me away
Dancing outside, nobody's missing
These nights don't feel like they're ever gonna end
Someone come

Don't go, don't go
Make things better
My messy life won't let me start over
Maybe it's alright, maybe i'm fine
This wait will pass, it can't flood

She knows, she knows i'm no good at waiting
Dreamin', dreamin' won't make you feel closer
Someday, someday will never be over

These nights don't seem like they're ever gonna end
Someone come
I feel it going down again
Won't let up
Will it be like this all my life?
One last try

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