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Zuul Fx

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Can you see that... it's my blood... life's flowing
From this prison flesh and bones body
I live in a world of submission war, horror, punishment is your factory
I learn to follow your laws without saying the choking words
My thoughts stolen... i feel like i'm dead
I'm a conscience deep down a living creature

I want to feel
I want to live
I want to run away
We are the dogs of gods

Devoted to your shitty laws
My body doesn't belong to me
I know i can't win this fight against your snakes
But i know when my time comes i'll be ready
Ready to die for you, for that... but for nothing
But no man is unreasonable enough to choose war over peace

In this world... i create
I submit to my uncertain life
To eventually assume my uncertain fate
...assume my uncertain fate!!!

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