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Romanovsky And Phillips

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I looked for a reason
I looked for the light
I looked for some hope
But there was none in sight
Death and destruction
In the minds of men
At the push of a button
It could be the end
My brain's getting cloudy
I'm feelin' some rage
And it's all part of living
In the nuclear age
I looked to religion
I tried to have faith
But humanity's insanity
Is a hard truth to face
Missles and madness
Taking over the land
Isolation and sadness
And it's way out of hand
My head's feeling helpless
Like i'm caught in a cage
And it's just a reaction
To the nuclear age
It's a sign of indifference
It's a sign of the times
It's somebody's death wish
But it sure isn't mine
Poets and painters
Minstrels and friends
Come out of the woodwork
Be merry again

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