Paroles de Lockdown

Johnny Marr

pochette album Lockdown
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Date de parution : 26/02/2013

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Alternative

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Look out everyone
I've been pushed hard for too long
Take back what they've done
It's a lockdown

Touch out if we want
Home is a city
It's gone and i'm a loser
And they took back what i want
Another lockdown

Freeze out
If we want
Love is a city
A war
And i'm a loser
Can i get back what i want
In a lost town?

I know i was born between the exit streets
And entry's beats and
A salvage situation
Where nobody goes
An education i still don't know

Coastline of neon
Makes me look out to what's gone
Right now there's no better in this town

Ghosts out tonight
Help me break out of life
These times define me in this town

I know i was born between the angel's streets
And entry's beats
And someone's situation that's nobody's home
An education that i still don't know

Look out everyone
Freezed out
And we was
Give back
Come on

Oh, touch out everyone
Be fast 'cos we're gone
Come back
It's on another lockdown
A lockdown

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