Paroles de Lonely daze

Kate Tempest

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Date de parution : 16/05/2014

Durée : 0:03:58

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(verse 1)
Pete is a young man heart full of rain
Eyes full of evening spent in a dream
Grew up in a city where you master your pain
Or you end up numb not feeling
Becky is a young woman heart full of earth
Eyes full of morning spent without sleeping
Grew up in a city where it's hard to be heard
And nothing really has much meaning
Pete had his heart broke once he never fixed it
Sits there in his chair with his arms crossed "screw it"
Becky had her heart broke twice
She wont risk it again
She don't want to see her heart get ruined
And now she's on her way to wash up and take the orders
For spaghetti at giuseppe's, the café on the corner
She did the night shift too and matthew's at the sauna
She's putting herself through uni, it's hard work

But will it be this way forever
These are lonely days
What if she could be the one who makes it better
He looks away, can't hold her gaze
But will it be this way forever
These are stressful times
(and they all go)
What if he could be the one that gets her
She looks away she's petrified

(verse 2)
"now have you thought about retail", "yes fine with me"
"and i can see here that you have a degree"
"yes", says pete, "in international relations."
"great, let's see if primark have a space for a placement."

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