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Lost my way

Get myself into, situations.
A way back it's just, complications.
I am so far, from the end.
But i can't turn back now that i'm in this deep.
I get lost in my own head.
Sometimes wonder if what you said.
Could be the cause of what it is.
That made me this way until my dying day.

Been so far on this ride without a ticket.
And now i've lost my way.

Gone through life and i've tried not to fake it.
Yet i've fallen down.
All i ask is that i have a helping hand.
All i ask is that i have a helping hand.

I go this way, you go that
Don't know which way, leads us back
Never took the, time to see
I am lost and confused what is happening to me?
My perception of the world
Is as warped as it can be
You come up and you ask me
Why i never acted on these crazed feelings

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