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Hey people
you really thought i would drop you
Lulu is there but is there loukia
Loukia and that's the maga
Check it

Yeah me and c loukia and the maga
I still jpourrais rapper ever let you go
I'll go juska the clashes
In a few months i would have my own baby
Lulu is the loukia but is the
That's it!
Changed its name to a new flow
Tkt not i do the show
And thank you to my poto francky snow
For your support
It is you who gives me strength rho
Big up
Kris from belgium
Who gives a very magical force
If i keep rapping is for people who support me
Critics make me more scared i dragged to the chain
unleashed people
My music hurts rebeu
You listen you tenjailles of morsay rebeu you t'enjailles
My music hurts you rebeu t'enjailles
But in any case i have a lot
I never really knew
Maybe it's what killed me
But i got up
To rap for people who support me
I will continue to rapper
For you i unleashed

I am committed to this fight
I heated the skull jsuis not far from coma
I try not successful
But jkiff rap indie
Looking for me you'll have trouble finding me

Lulu is there but is there loukia
Lulu is there but is there loukia
Lulu is there but is there loukia
Lulu is there but is there loukia

Thank you to all who support me
The team is over mardy
It makes me not afraid
Dedication to juju
A great guy that i knew
The evenings of pure chatroulette
People who are not afraid
Shown to people who love
Amateur rappers of loose
He loves magazines loukia and the
We spend a night mode chicha
C'mon spears you in the cabana
I speak not envious or poutala
Tkt not i will be there
I go out the bazooka
But i m'enjaille on pera
Jsuis only determined
You can never dropped me
Jsuis too attached
At the height of my success
Now i just threw
Next piece will break everything

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