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Liers In Wait

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(music & lyrics: kristian whlin)

Invoking mental stellar light
Procreation of hidden dreams
Journey into inner dimensions
Fly insanity's wings

Visions become reality
Dreams unveils the truth
Lock up the gates
Hallucinations flow through

The ultimate experience
To reign supreme internally
Vaults in the mind uncover'd -
Be one with your ancestry

Maleficient dreamvoid

Feel the strength of the soul
Mastering the forces
Riding free internally

Come inside yourself
Let your dreams float free

Rip through the walls of time
Dwell beyond the subconscious
Reveal your ancestry
Find the truth of creation

Maleficient dreamvoid

Seek the eternal essence
In the dark of the mind

Destination ancient city below the seas
Beyond the spheres of eternity
Leave the mind and rise above

Maleficient dreamvoid

Finding all there ever was

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