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Date de parution : 02/05/2003

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Rock

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Let's see what's next
And left to be said
It falls short again
Let's see what's next
If we all lived eye for an eye
When the whole world would go blind
Sliver like bullshit drives this
Vexed by these slaps to the face

Malice seems to feed
Something less than friends
No one could end this
Fuck you all

You're not the only one

It's all been stripped down
Left naked to waste
It's all the same
It's all been stripped down
Left naked to wait

Sifting through the dust
Let the tears creep out
And drip down in the dust
Wash the dust to mud

Maybe it's been said
Maybe we've been left
Maybe someone else
Maybe even nine

You're not the only one left here to be scared

Maybe even nine

Big mouth motherfucker
Jealousy feeds it
Enemies bring it
Fuck you all

Lets see what's next

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