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Date de parution : 29/11/2013

Durée : 0:02:12

Style : Alternative

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Snaredin it`s path
Can`t get away
I smolder
Each and every day
I won`t forget the treats you made
It`s closing in on me
Your rules don`t apply to me i`m not gonna talk it out
I`ve heard it all before
Won`t hear it again
Now i`m gonna make it end
Condemed me
Can`t back up a word you`ve said
You can`t run, you can`t hide
I`m gonna get my revenge
Can`t keep me down
You never wanted me around
Hated me from the start
Now your words are tearing you apart
Brought it all on yourself
You`re never gonna be safe
Should have thought it over better
Before you chose to mediate
Never forget, never forgive
Vengeance consumes my mind
It`ll keep building up inside
For as long as i live

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