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Sand on her feet
Smell of the beach
Only spark good memories
Lay like i run my bath when you kiss me
We both aware it's not a private beach
But it also ain't crowded
Lay down and slide ya bikini to the side
Is it dangerous if i get sand up in your...nevermind
I love when you smile when i'm in it
In your own world when i'm in it
No one important gone see us
We didn't go to school in the city
It's a condo by the shore
With a patio that face us
We got this couple havin' sex on it
We should yell out, "step ya game up!"
She lookin' at me like

(stroke it baby stroke it baby)

Would it be too much if i hit it from the back yeah, prolly
Even though you prolly wit it cuz you naughty
Save that for another time
Try to not cuss but you fuckin fine
You went wet when you alone but i can't help but notice that you always get the wettest in public, watch
She gets freaky, everytime i get deep in you
Playin with ya hair like, you love me
She like yeah
I go deeper
Say it again
Fuckin' love you, we pretend
Words real, till the time past
When i said it back she climaxed
And i just hope this don't get awkward
Cuz your in the moment in the motion shit that i was talkin'
Every girl i meet i warn 'em that they shouldn't fall too hard
Cuz i can get a wrong impression and that shit can hurt ya heart i promise
That i got the best intentions
I wish i could flip a switch and just be ready for commitment
Maybe i'm just over thinkin' and she really not that different
And just in it for the pleasure and she thinkin' like a nigga

To the bike racks said i'm tryna race is you fast?
Told me she used to run track
Whatchu know 'bout that
K, ready, set, wooaaah!! bring that ass back
Ol cheatin' ass, head startin' ass, quick to partin ass ho ' , even with a head start still garbage ass
K so back to the line we gone race to the pole
I ain't goin easy cuz i got a bad toe
K, ready, set, go,
Took off on that ass like usain
Too far away can't hear what was you sayin
Hit the finish line feeling like yeez man
She told me i made her feel 14 again
And if it wasn't for the sand you can dust it
We both had a run in it
Took the bike off the chain brought back flashback me in the 6th grade when i had the blue bike chain with the see through shit and them otha...i don't know anyways
Hopped on the bike and rode by the shore
God bless whatever made you buy these shorts
Let her past me up
Sum bout how the bike seat fit the butt
Or more like don't fit it
How did you get them pants on i don't get it
And i don't know why i'm admittin' it but a while ago i followed you on instagram
But then i unfollowed cuz if i gotta meet you then i would have to front like i ain't never seen you
Now you call me baby
Life's crazy

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