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Brown Floyd

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You start the car in the morning you gotta make it into work the old lady she's on your back you got them bills
To pay how did it all get this way??!!
You work for the man everyday
And working for minimum wage
(working for minimum wage)

You're back at home and she's been bitchin fat cat banker stalking you you're up at dawn and she's still screaming get you're ass right out the door
Like she's got it all and i'm her slave the boss man don't care just as long as you stay working for that minimum wage ( working for that minimum wage)

Them greedy pigs them gunslingers
They got you locked in a maze
There's no hope thank god for dope
You're just a rat in a cage
They get it all and you're their slave
The boss man gets rich he's riding your back
And paying you that minimum wage
(paying you that minimum wage)

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