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Ill have you like the way it was before
When the five was still a four.

Maybe soon, youll see it like i see
Like the way you look at me.

I sense a little play til the holiday.
Pretend that the clouds have gone away.
I will be your friend
Until the end.

I want you. like a whisper falling hard,
Ive never gotten far.

If you do, youll find me in the sun
Learning how to run.

I sense a little change in how we play.
Dont stay inside and think of when.
I will be your friend
Until the end.

When im through, the pride that keeps me free
Will get the best of me.

Maybe you can look and look again.
It happens now and then.

I sense a little change has come my way.
When the pain comes silently ill say
That you have been my friend
Until the end.

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