Paroles de Moonstone

Gregory Brock

pochette album Moonstone
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Date de parution : 20/12/2012

Durée : 0:03:18

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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I went out to moonstone
To see the day dawn
I had barely got there when my
Loneliness had gone

The red-orange clouds had drifted
Across the sky
Just then the sunlight's first kiss
Caught my eye

The sound of children playing
And birds in the air
The sweet smell of flowers passed by
That were growing there

I felt my skin getting warmer
Sunshine filled the sky
A symphony playing for me
Right before my eyes

Down on moonstone
You won't ever care
If you ever go home
Cuz it's supernatural there

A blanket of fog had rolled in
'sun became dim
I reached for my worn out jacket
That i barely fit in

Well maybe just one more hour
But then again, two
It's just that it's hard to leave when
I'm feeling so good

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