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Mr officer what ? mr officer what ? yo check this baby
Its a crime to be black you dont gotta do jack they
Wont cut us no slack it aint fiction its fact cause the
System is wack kill a few get a plack, and they bussin bazookas
Im swingin a bat, fall down and colapse ya a ceizure perhaps they
Pushin us over the edge till we snap, (and) we lookin to sports
And we lookin to raps, but the truth is we need more books in the
Bag, its ok to stay pimpin sellin that crack shootin each other
Right in the back, we might as well be in the heart of iraq, thats
All that were good for 2 stay in the hood poor drugs in the top
Drawer cops at the front door fightin a war real bloody for
Shore till you cant take no more hommies dead on
The floor sleepin in back of the old liquer store scroungin for
Pennies hopen to score, to serve and protect, they don't serve
And protect, theyll serve you a broken arm and a neck,
Theyll never protect its a lack of respect, its the yankees the mets
Its the giants the jets, its the one thats superior you all know the rest
They flagging you down if your black and you brown and you lying on
The grown infront of a crowd
What could u say what could i do when the police is rolling up on you
What could i say what could i do do do what could i say yeah yeah
What could i do when the police is rolling up on you
What could i say what could i do when dey infront of you
Driving down the street driving cautiously check the h2 nah check the police
The jakes wanna find tree's wanna have me in court beggging please
Have me scared of they sirens nah meen and i aint do nothing
And his eyes on me, ( imma bust you one day cuz u lying to me)
Your profile is wrong your just messing wit me
(your name is force imma call you a parolee)
You need proof if u stoppin me as i spitt from the vocal booth
Imma do you a favor and cut you loose, driving down the street
Driving down the street bumping to the beat, check the h2 u can call me 03
The police wanna make mt do freeze, but kool it ain't like dat
How u like that so i spitt right back , i know where my right at
Time is money, money is time im bout to shine, let me run on and gets mine
Yeaaaaaaa , yeaaaaaaaaa , it's like dat yall

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