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Global Citizen

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Bound and gagged and tied to a chair
Place you in the corner, you can watch from there
Gonna dish some dirt and the dirt's going deep
I'll give her what she wants and you, memories to keep

Witness this, my mute witness
Remember this, my mute witness
Picture this, my mute witness
Got a sting in my kiss, my mute witness

Once i've done your sister, i'm gonna do you
Let you feel first hand what you've watched her go through
She likes it rough so you better be prepared
Tie your long black mane back so, your vision's not impared

Her face in the pillow, i grind her tail bone
Her neck in a strangle hold, i find my way 'home'
She reels, she squeels
Who knows what she feels, who knows what she feels

Now you've seen how it works, it's time to learn more
Your sisters' passed out and curled up on the floor
Cut you loose for a moment, throw you on the bed
Visions of what's coming, shift round in your head

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