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Isabelle Casier

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My favourite song

I turn on the stereo
I play my favourite song
It's funny how it sounds the same
Funny how it hasn't changed at all
Since you left
With all the shatters and breaks
Now i'm just proud to stand here
And hum to this song
So bonnie still beats the drums
And sings of an impossible love
I close my eyes, i know it's over
I pretend i'm just two months younger

As i haven't met you
I'm haunting a fading town
I'm lonely like a hunter
Lonely but strong

Outside, spring is blooming, ivy leaves are breathing in
And here we are, and it's a mystery
I hope that sparrows don't mock me
I know they're like people out there
They don't know and they don't care
And hopefully, summer will let me
Sing with them and dance again
Cause it's somehow relieving
That some things are left untouched,
Unshattered, uncorrupted
By your will to disappear

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