Paroles de Naked heart

Kate Alexa

pochette album Naked heart
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Date de parution : 23/09/2006

Durée : 0:02:48

Style : Pop

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Maybe i`m grey
Maybe i`m blue
Lately i dont know what to do
Dont be afraid of knowing me
Of seeing what your eyes can t see

What iam thinking
Whats inside,i've got nothing to hide

Undress my heart
Let it go naked
I`m not ashamed
I`m not gone fake it
I will reveal
Everything i feel
What you to see every part
Of my naked heart

Maybe there`s time
Maybe there`s none
Maybe you should wait until im done
How can we lose
It it`s our fate
Uncover me before it`s to late

What are you thinking
What`s inside, i've got nothing to hide

Unchain my mind
Release my soul
Undo the hurt
Make my whole
I`m no the one to stop you
Once you start

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