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Officer Negative

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I can't believe what is happening
It's like nothing i've ever seen
A new world order is now in place
A perfect system a perfect race
I've got the numbers underneath my skin
To tell my leader just where i've been
I must follow no compromise
I must believe in all their lies

Can you see the new world dis-order
Coming to be the new world dis-order

I'm so ashamed i can't show my face
I'm now involved but i'm out of place
How could i let this happen to me
Did not believe their prophecy
The second coming the third world war
The missing people, there clothes on the floor
Been told the scriptures and there's no debate
I know the truth but now it's too late

Now seven years that i must wait
Tribulation in this world i hate
How will i live, live through it all
Without the spirit of god to call
Nowhere to run there's nowhere to hide
Trapped within my selfish pride
Denied my leader i'm closer to death
My faith in god is my last breath

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