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Yeah, mmm
I don't know what's goin' on, everybody tryin' to flip
All they need to do is do the right thing
Put it where it's supposed to be

News story open to the media
Crime bosses, do or die or either ya
Live like a convict on the rock
You get shanked, battered and bruised, you get dropped

In the bang just livin' like a savage
And at the same time your body's damaged
Made a move on a brother from the boogie down bronx
He was a bully that beat up punks

In the cells and caught
A couple of the c.o.'s
Snatched a brother by his neck
And knocked him down and broke his nose

Here's the bum rush, twenty at a time
Started somethin' new just when the brother dropped dimes
Huh, this is a brother who's a drug kingpin
Made millions and millions, again and again

Used to stitch a snitch just to get him switched
But the brother didn't know that snitches get stitches
Had a jah, had a benz, had plenty of friends
Had fifties and hundreds, stacks of twenties and tens

He was evicted, mother probably did time long style
Had her workin' with the chain gang in the coal mine
Did the bid, came out but the brother was broke
Had connects so the brother started sellin' some coke

And vials of cracks he sold it, to all the new jacks
He sold, buddha and stuff, meth sloopies and smacks
He wore polo and guess, dressed the part and the style
Whole teeth were clean every time he would smile

He had a girl named josie, was a beautiful chick
Ended up bein' a girl in a porno flick
T'is the season to be skeezin', the girl made me sick
Wanted to kick a little flavor so the flavor was kicked

She's a girl from around the way that likes to play
Spendin' his dough, eatin' out every day
Wearin' jewels, expensive clothes so on and so on
And my man didn't know that the girl was a hoein'

Now she got a little pot, i guess she's goin' for self
Tryin' to make brothers lick her below the belt
Takin' trips to virginia with a key at a time
Makin' forty two g's at a drop of a dime

Now she's thick but what about the brother that put her on?
And gave her jewels and furs and treated her like a don
She forgot all about him so now he's mad
He got a thirty two clip and when he find her she's had

But that's the life of the fast lane, there you just might gain
A house and cash and either jail or chump change
I've seen it before, my buddies went through it all
And because of that i don't see 'em anymore

Twenty-five to life, doin' crazy hard time
And in the jails, what's yours is mine
Huh, and as i say i need a moment of silence
The almighty kid capri says stop the violence

Stop the violence, all you gotta do is put it in effect
Put yourself where you're supposed to be
Teach others, save the children
And all that

Big shout to the trooper love crew
Rest in peace to my main man, chuck g, pop duke
This is the kid capri and the lords of funk
And we outta here, see-ya

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