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Half Mile Radius

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I feel sick
What's wrong with me,
No escaping
Dizzy spins
Shakin' knees
Unlucky 11
Can't explain
I don't believe
In curses, fate or destiny
Like cajun snow
Stick the wire down my throat

Get me out,
No novembers

Struggling pairs
Broken chairs
Caught with bleached white hair
Missing tooth
Drop out of school
Stuck with no future and no roof
Suburban town
Leaves fade to brown
Temperature quickly racing down
Went for a ride
4000 died
Picked up smoking on the riverside

Every year undeclared war

Every year
Undeclared war
But is it really worse than the month before
Shopping craze
Feast of thanks
Empty bowls, empty banks
Up ahead
Seeing red
Tick, tick, tick, i could be dead

It's all gone
December comes
11 to 12, a change of fortune

Get me out, no novembers

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