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Full Blown Chaos

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It was never the same, i had no one to blame, but myself. for every step that i take in life, i walk alone with on one else to turn to. all the dreams i've lost have put my mind to waste. all the greed i've felt before, will be erased. all this time i had no clue. just opened my eyes to find truth. won't waste my time, won't waste my life. won't waste my time, this life's too short. life's too fucking short. why did i put my trust in you when you played your games??....but i saw right through your disguise, won't happen again. i've grown wiser. you're by yourself, by yourself, this time. no way out. times have changed and my beliefs have changed. took my heart and tore it apart, you have yourself to blame. to blame for my pain. no way out. times have changed and my feelings changed, accept that nothing will be the same. no way out. from this place, no way out.

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