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Secret Sphere

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(aurienne (the queen):)
Under the reign of sun
Waves my soul,
Inside a body of queen,
Beats now my heart,
When sleeps a secret,
Dismal theatre,
Wrapped in mistery

(pre chorus:)
(lewis (the king):)
I am the lord of all
You can see,
I am all,
I am the king of everything
Here on earth

(the sphere:)
Welcome to kingdom
Of illusion lord of underworld,
Ghost without a name
You spent your life in dark
Victim of a secret, lord of silence,
(lewis (the shadow):)
I call you from the dark,
I call you from my hell

(lewis (the shadow):)
Still i don't know,
My face prisoner
In the shadow of this cell,
My only comfort is in death

(pre chorus:)
(lewis (the shadow):)
I'm afraid and confused,
But no one can hear my
Silent cries i'm dying in my loneliness
And i don't know why


(aurienne (the queen):)
I touch your cold lips,
Can you forgive me?

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