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(verse 1: xv)
With my belief i live by the beat like you live check to check
If you don't move your feet, then i don't eat so we like neck to neck
Black superheroes is what we would manifest
Martin lex luthor, malcolm professor x
Flew over the atlantic, meeting with atlantic
Ironic that's the same sea we cross when we were landed
On, that plymouth rock and crack rock is what was handed
Off, those dim lit blocks and hip-hop is what it was branded
It wasn't only them though, we'd even sell ourselves
Now we sell ourselves short of what we could sell ourselves
So we sign to majors for all the whistles and bells
And you think they'll get on board because all your tracks is real
Oh well, i'm on a train for the hall of fame
Because some niggas will hang it up before they get the frame
If you believed in yourself, nobody can be blamed
Until you fight for what you believe in you can't complain

(hook: raja)
Find me a lighter, if you want to see
Because i got the ether, to make you believe
Revolution, it's revolution, it's revolution
We'll believe, when the fire starts

(verse 2: xv)
Yeah, damn, this heavy rain feel like black rice, no condoleezza
It's one of those kind of nights where i'm a non-believer
Took off my gaudy audemar before i walked in church
That's symbolism in them, i had no time for preachers
Just a tv, we dreamed it, that turned lost boys to he men
But we care more about follows, then who the hell is leading
When youtube views and who dates who and celebrity diets, became news
I was plotting on a riot with some propane fuel
That i would soak in all my clothes and things that y'all made cool
Feel like i got something to prove to my whole grade school
Where me being minority was a majority rule
The only kid at the table, who didn't have cable
Cause mamma ain't able, and daddy's unfaithful
My friend got his shot, they said it was fatal
It's moments like this, they said that they'll make you, believe

(hook: raja)

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