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Isabelle Casier

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Old rockers

They come from a time
When youth was young
When hope was easy
And revolution not gone
Beware! old rockers are coming back
They're not even close to giving anything up

Their shining guitars, their glittering suits
Their teenage girlfriends and curly haircuts

Beware! old rockers are coming back
And i'm not even sure they ever left at all

Standing on the tube walls, two meters high
They'll never clear the stage before they die
And you'll be too old then, already too old
I tell you their grandkids are ready to take it on

So all you can do is sing for yourself
In your room, sitting on your bed
It makes you feel better but it's just a selfish design
That's not much but it helps kill some time
Before time kills you, it helps kill some time

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