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Neglected Fields

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Go starless in the night

Once carcass is cold no rest in hearts
And no predictive eyes strong to see
What lies beyond nepenthe
So teach me what is death

Down to absolute
To where emptiness
Breeds and slithers, mute
To where my hunger ends

Forbidden ever this domain of mine
My beloved, relish the flesh and wine
Relish life, but allow death to be
A tale, a legend, mystery

A transience of it all
What is in flesh?
A cerement to clothe
Gift seemingly absurd

Once calmness leaves the man
For he is me, the inquiring
And, and till blood warms tongue
The passing stuns

Out of this lot
Terrestrials await
Out of this lot
To where my thirst i'll slake

Pacific cold bewitches the dying eyes
Far beyond the brink no entry twice
Beware to question the abysm
For its lesson is last and secrecies are grim

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