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The Stereo

pochette album One day, someday
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Date de parution : 01/01/2005

Durée : 0:03:37

Style : Rock

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A part of you, a part of me
One gets it wrong
The other bleeds from lack of affection
Now i don't see the attraction
Will you wait?, will you stay?
Or will you walk away?
I can't expect too much from you
With all of what you put me through
One day, someday
I'll find a way
One day, someday if at all
Without a plan, without a doubt
I try to figure out
Just what it is that makes you sad
When i fail to learn then it makes me mad
I'm hanging on, i still have hope
But i may never know
Just what it was that made you leave
I swear i must be blind not to have seen
You brought this on
You made it hard for us to speak again
God only knows what you were thinking
I do my best to be myself
I don't want anybody else
Only a fool would fall for you, not in a million years
I guess that i'm the biggest fool of all

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