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This is a song about those bad days
Start up happy and end up sad days
Talking about that murphies law chill
If it can go wrong, yes, it will

Went to the store to cop some groceries
Friday night and i had the munchies
Filled the cart till it could not take it
One more bag of chips would break it

Went to the cheek out stood in line
Behind me a girl who was just too fine
Got in the ear while they rang the total
Reached for my wallet, uh, oh, a, bolo
Not my day i felt like a dummy
Went to the store and forgot the money

Ooops up in side your head, say ooops up

Me and amy, under the covers
Scene is hot potential lovers
Demon in the sack is her reputation
In school then she is graduation

Touching holding heavy breathing
I knew i'd get it she is not about teasing
Left on the light so i could see reaction
Amy is a freak guaranteed satisfaction

She is soft as bubble bath
I am as hard as chinese math
Ready for the ultimate affection
Took out a pack obtain my protection
Rolled it on one hard stroke
It was my last and yes, it broke

Ooops up in side your head, say ooops up

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