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Colin Healy & The Jetskis

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Date de parution : 01/05/2009

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Alternative

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We held hands by the dock
I carved our names in the boardwalk
And with it an arrow piercing through a heart
I couldn't have known but that's exactly what i got

Tell me if i'm too
Sad for your happy endings
Stupid love songs or maybe i'm just a
Mistake you can't remember
Or choose to forget

And i know you wish that we never started
Believe me girl it's not that hard to turn around
And we've both been down this road before
Just not too far to avoid what's coming

It's funny how she told me the way she feels
Right when i finally got over her
Here she is
Pouring her heart out on my floor
But what can i say (don't say goodbye)
Because once i give in
She'll just run away

Well i'll say yes under once condition this has got to be unconditional
And i'll give in if you promise to spare me when it's time for you to go

Don't say goodbye
(don't say you've gone too far this isn't half what you've been through)
Don't say goodbye
(don't say you belong to me but please don't go)
Or just don't go

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