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This is not for real
This is just a dream
And it's something
I have never seen
Stars up in the sky
See them as i fly
I wake up get kicked by reality

I can't take no more
What am i working for
I don't believe the world lies at my feet
Nothing's ever right
And i don't want to fight
I'm on my own

I can't see it i don't want no more
I'm gonna leave wanna walk straight out that door
Start a new life leave this far behind
Turning back again will never cross my mind

I'm on a train to rome
I'm feeling quite alone
Miss my friends i miss my family
Left two days ago
Time goes by so slow
And everything's the same as it was before

Now everything's gone wrong
Don't know where i belong
I don't believe the world lies at my feet
Now i know it's right
And i want to fight
Got myself

Now i know what
Home sweet home means
Now i know what it means to break free

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