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Date de parution : 04/12/2008

Durée : 0:03:41

Style : Christian & Gospel

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There i go again, falling off the deep end
Looks like im sinking into my old ways
I think i know it all, thats when i start to fall

Just cant seem to get it right these days
Just when i thought i was going under
You were right there waiting in all your wonder

The way you know me, its over my head
The grace you show me, its over my head
I cant begin to comprehend
The way your mercy never ends
Its over my head

Sometimes its hard to see, the very heart of me
I seem to wander where i dont belong
But every single day, youre just a prayer away

And in my weakness i know you are strong
So, every time i thing im going under
Lord, help keep my eyes on you and all your wonder

Its so unbelievable, so inconceivable
Amazing love how can it be

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