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Music: albert maroto
Lyrics: elisa c.martin

Are you calling me?
I want to begin again
I cannot believe it!
We don't need to talk
All so stupid, all so fake
And your life's an empty game

Do you grieve for me?
I would live and die for you
I cannot believe it!
That's my truth
Everything in you is a lie
I started to realize

Liar! say it to me
What do you want today?
Dirty my life with your lies again?
I really know you more than yesterday
Take care 'cause you are over the edge

Why do you follow me?
I don't want to fight with you
I cannot believe it!
You don't say good bye
I gave everything for you
Only for a piece of truth

Can't return to your life!
You forget me now!

Wake up babe
Don't want to talk about this shit
Do you listen to me now?
You must feel shame to say all this shit

I don't want to run away
But i can't take it...

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